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Mission Statement

The mission of the Lincoln Hornets Alumni Assocation Inc., is “to encourage and enable alumni and friends to support, through volunteerism and financial contribution, the students, principal and staff, in their efforts towards quality academic and social education for all Lincoln High students.”The Lincoln Hornets Alumni Assocation Inc., founded in 2015, is committed to maintaining the quality of education programs at Lincoln as the school deals with a myriad of budget constraints and cutbacks. For the last several years the Lincoln Hornets Alumni Assocation has purchased supplemental classroom supplies and equipment because regular funding was not available.  Additionally, the Organization has provided funding for scholarships for graduating seniors. Without scholarship aid, many Lincoln  students could not consider pursuing education beyond high school.

The Lincoln Hornets Alumni Association THe Hive Is Live...Buzzzz.png

The Lincoln Hornets Alumni Assocation Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, needs your help. Any donation will go toward helping to meet some of the essential needs of Lincoln High. 

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