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Tambuzi Scholarship Fund

Nguzo Saba Robert Tambuzi

Tambuzi has always wanted people everywhere to be able to live whole and meaningful lives.

There is no better way to support this vision than with a scholarship to his alma mater, Lincoln High School. This scholarship will build on Mr. Tambuzi's vision and help young people build the good world we all want and deserve to live in and make sure we “cut through life like diamonds in a sack of glass!” Truly accomplishing our full potential when given the


Scholarship Overview

A $1,000 deposit will be made to one (1) female and one (1) male student to the student's chosen college institution account.


Scholarship Qualifications: 

  1. LHAA will help identify two African-American students for qualification for the Tambuzi scholarship by:

    1. Scholastic achievement - 3.5 GPA or greater

    2. Citizenship – Satisfactory or greater on average

    3. Leadership – School (de-escalation, organization, influence)

Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the scholarship fund:

  • Checks: Make checks payable to The Lincoln Hornets Alumni Association or The LHAA, including "Tambuzi Scholarship” on the Memo line. Mail to: 36 N Euclid Ave Ste G, National City CA 91950

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